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Sales and Marketing Tech powered revenue engine



Tech on-demand allows companies to re-think & re-deploy
their marketing and sales tech resources in an adaptive, agile
and smart way, using the power of cloud, automation and data
availability to optimize their operation - at scale.

CRM / Marketing Automation Implementation

Whether you’re implementing marketing automation with CRM for the first time, replacing an existing system, or looking to enhance and customize your
existing platforms, our skilled geek
team can map it out and get it done
for you, so that you could focus on achieving your goals.


We design closed-loop processes and workflows that help revenue marketers track campaign attribution, manage and score leads, keep data in sync, design sales visibility and enablement, and manage your demand funnel.

Analytics, Reporting and Dashboards

We apply a unique combination of marketing, sales, technical and analytical know-how and experience to design and build your custom Dashboards.


Every company has its own preferred view of its business. We leverages business intelligence tools to summarizes the input, output and performance of core systems such as lead management, forecasting, acquisition, pipelines, and others -- based on the attribution and business metrics we define together with your marketing, sales and business leaders.

Baseline Marketing Automation Strategy, Programs and Implementation

For clients ready to implement funnel based marketing campaigns, but don’t have the time to do it themselves -- We help develop and implement your baseline strategy to help you build a solid marketing automation foundation.


We will develop the strategies, map them out and set up templates and automated programs for top, middle and bottom of funnel campaigns, and create enablement tools for your sales teams that work along with them. 

Account, Contact and List Data Management

Data cleanliness, data append, account and contact data mapping and updates, De-duplicate data, creation of targeted lists, list criteria and development, importing, exporting, analyzing and updating.


You name it. We do it for you - at scale.

Our first engagement program went live during the implementation. REDHOT's growth methodology helped us keep our programs running while upgrading our MarTech. 160% increase in engagement before the system was up and running. Thank you guys! 

Senior Manager, Marketing Operations



Our team is certified and continue to evolve their knowledge and relationships with the leaders in the marketing and sales cloud, content distribution companies across mediums and channels, data analysis solutions, and social platforms to help our clients discover, deploy, integrate, and leverage the power of these systems to drive demand.
Here are some of our technology and business partners.

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