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Startup Case Study


increase in sales qualified opportunities


efficiency gains in number of leads to conversion


increase to inbound marketing response rate

When a round of venture capital came through, our this new start-up providing a SaaS based performance management solution to enterprises needed to scale up quickly.


With aggressive revenue goals for the year, the core sales leadership team insisted on their team to focus only on the most advanced opportunities, to increase probability of close.​


A small team, aggressive revenue goals...​


REDHOT tailored a marketing demand generation and sales qualification process and operation for the client, serving as an extension of the company in all aspects.​ We relied on existing company generated content to create targeted on line engagement campaigns, updating data, scoring contacts and mapping accounts in the process.​


Qualified leads were handed over to the sales development reps for further nurturing, qualification and advancement in the sales pipeline. We targeted handover to the client's core team at 35% probability of close.

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