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Software Case Study


increase in sales qualified opportunities


efficiency gains fix costs reduction


additional contribution to revenue within 3 months

With a growing demand for its award-winning data storage solutions, our client’s sales reps were struggling to effectively follow up, qualify and work the leads handed over by marketing.


Building an inside sales and qualification team from the ground up was out of the question due to hiring and budget restraints.


Our client turned to REDHOT to develop an outsourced inside sales program that will handle all leads developed by marketing, and prioritize hand over to sales reps. A pilot program was launched to support the northeast sales team.     


We worked closely with sales and marketing leadership to establish strict criteria for qualification and hand over. Our mutual goal was to focus on quality, not quantity, and to make sure we track all results so that both organizations will be able to report on metrics and performance.


REDHOT initially assigned a team of 5 sales development specialists to this project, and grew the team to 7 specialists within the first month.

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