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Why women make great sales execs

REDHOT Careers
Some people are just not meant to be in sales. That's a known truth. Sales is challenging and requires persistence, grit and unique personality traits to succeed in it.
Some people are born with a natural ability for sales. Most people develop competencies over time through hard work.
In the age of gender equality, we can absolutely say that men are not better than women at sales and vice versa. Nonetheless, Women do bring to the table their own unique abilities.
Women Have Good People Skills

Building strong relationships with your customers is a huge part of the sales industry. You have to have the natural ability to talk with anyone at any time, and make those conversations valuable. According to Women Make the Best Salesmen: Isn’t it Time You Started Using their Secrets? by Marion Luna Brem, women have natural social skills and acute emotional antennae, which make them ideal candidates for sales success.

Women Are Good Listeners

In addition to being great socializers and conversationalists, women are also generally great listeners – an important trait in salespeople. Having the ability to listen to the needs of a customer is a crucial part of building a lasting relationship.

Women Are Empathizers

In sales, empathy is a great quality to have because it helps the seller relate to the buyer, which helps the seller provide the buyer with exactly what he or she wants. This quality is important because it not only builds trust and encourages loyalty, but it also builds credibility.

We are all "salesmen" – whether when interviewing for a job or operating a register at a department store, trying to get our children into a special program or looking for a lifelong companion. And women, with their natural social skills and acute emotional antennae, have natural advantages both sexes can learn from.

REDHOT is looking for talented saleswomen to join its team of sales development specialists and account managers. If you'd like to join us - send us your resume here. We'd love to get to know you.

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