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Security Case Study


accounts SAVED


sales meetings scheduled within 5 weeks


increase in marketing campaign engagements

With growing momentum for security solutions the competitive eco- system in this industry is fierce.


Our client, an established security company, was losing market share to an aggressive competitor. '


Every day I am losing potential deals to this competitor because they seem to be everywhere!' -- lamented one of the sales leaders.​


The client needed scale, fast. Our goals was to create as much buzz in the marketplace, together with an aggressive tele-engagement within targeted accounts, with a clear competitive message that debunked the competitor's hard-hitting points against our client.


REDHOT designed a competitive campaign with marketing and sales development elements targeted at identifying, saving and generating business from accounts at risk.


We expanded the initial customer list with additional targeted accounts, prioritizing them and identifying competitive threat. A forceful digital marketing blitz, including retargeting, pointed out competitor weaknesses and asserted our client's solutions superiority.


We sent our sales development troops to work the phones and do not accept 'No' for an answer. The goal: meetings, meetings, meeting.

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