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REDHOT optimization solutions help boost sales productivity
and deliver high-quality results by establishing consistent, controlled,
and repeatable sales processes, targets and metrics.


We focus specifically on improving conversion rates and sales
cycle times by aligning the sales process with customer buying
behavior and decision points.

REDHOT helped us increase the productivity of our sales team as we were scaling to target enterprise customers. They created a consistent, repeatable sales process and identified the best practices of top producers so they could be replicated. Their work helped us proactively manage our pipeline and forecast more accurately and maximize our sales results." 

VP, Global Sales

performance driving essentials


An effective combination of strategy, people, processes, organization, rewards, and technology, helps average performers beat expectations, and already strong sales reps achieve extraordinary results.

Sales Process Clarity

Whether your company has a finely documented step-by-step sales process or not, you can benefit from our sales process diagnostic approach.


Expert in many variations of the sales process, we will assess your existing or suspected process, refine and improve it, and then clarify it with straight-forward documentation and automation that represents your customized process.

Accurate Forecasting and Pipeline Management

Sales forecasting and pipeline management are one of the most critical functions within the sales organization.


Many companies find setting or transitioning into automated processes can create chaos in operation. Clarity and expertise are needed to make sure your system works.


From simple spreadsheets to sophisticated online applications, we assess your current forecasting “system” and help you implement an effective process that can work with your sales tech today and drive forecasting discipline and accuracy across the entire sales team and executive management.

Sales / Marketing Alignement

Align, design and institutionalize sales and marketing best-practices through martech and salestech tools.


We help identify and capture the practices of A-Players and have your entire sales team soon behaving as your best and brightest.


Improve sales and marketing communications and collaboration through shared goals and initiatives and integrate sales and marketing orgs to optimize your revenue producing team.

Sales Strategy

Opportunities for new sales initiatives to accelerate revenue and growth are abound.

Through strategic planning we work with your leaders to develop sales strategies, market segmentation and sales processes that support the business strategy.

From competitive displacement initiatives, through new offerings and pricing structures, targeted regional campaigns and account-based prospecting -- strategy leads the way to outperforming your goals. 

REDHOT was instrumental in helping us transition our practices and processed when implementing our new CRM and sales automation tools. Their experience was invaluable in bringing already proven processes to our organization. "

Senior Director, Sales Operations



increase in average sales reps overall performance across REDHOT customers.

(REDHOT customer benchmark study 2017)


greater growth rate for inside sales

(REDHOT customer benchmark study 2017)


of REDHOT customers will recommend us to their colleagues and peers.


(REDHOT customer benchmark study 2017)

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