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As-a-Service model is more sensitive to where demand and opportunities are and to when quick action is needed. The model enables you to hire only the most core roles for your internal team, and then outsource or complement capabilities with agility, reacting quickly to an idea or an identified need. 

Marketing and Sales Tech enables as-a-service with transparency to operations and performance in real time.



We bring to the table:

Data acumen

Analytical sophistication

Tech-Enabled Strategies for Effective Demand Generation

Disciplined approach to prospecting

Grit and persistence

Experienced manpower

As-a-Service Engagement Methodology

Human interaction is the most effective form of engagement.

REDHOT's as-a-Service methodology offers companies on-demand outbound calling teams specializing in all stages of the sales process, and the customer's lifecycle.


We are committed to providing you with a consistent and exceptional customer experience.


Our team of client success managers are certified in project management and other disciplines and focus on the success of your program. 


They act as your strategic advisors by providing data-driven, actionable recommendations and driving your program to meet established goals. We are proud of our tested methodology.

Your client success manager will provide:

  • Design and execution of programs by utilizing REDHOT's subject matter experts and program execution methodologies.

  • Communication through routine progress reviews.

  • Reporting on metrics.

  • Revenue growth opportunities and recommendations.

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