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Marketing Leadership

for early and growth stage SaaS companies



Pleasure to meet you. I am Nelly Rinot.

This is REDHOT. My CMO as-a-service platform for hyper-growth SaaS companies.

The average tenure of a marketing leader in a SaaS company is between 6-18 months? That's an expensive, and destructive, problem.

I help founders, CEOs and investors create and operationalize their company's marketing machine so that it's fully functioning and helping you get to your next growth stage.

It takes time to find the right VPM, assessing variables like skill set, credentials and cost. Spending time on search can include significant opportunity costs. When the VPM does not work out, cost of severance and impact on the team increase the problem. 

This is when a seasoned executive is a good solution. If your marketing is just forming, not living up to expectations, or is pressured to produce, fast... getting someone with a lot of the relevant experience could be just what you need in the short term.

Why work with me?


Relax, it's covered.


Get peace of mind with
a seasoned leader who knows your space,
sets direction and builds your team


Instant talent. 

Adjust the amount of marketing leadership talent you need as
you go. Hire full time when you're ready.




Proven results working with early and growth stage tech startups
and companies, and supporting VC backed portfolio companies.




Instant playbook to tap into. Avoid common mistakes and get up and running within days. Add bandwidth when and where it's needed most.

so Nelly,

What do you actually do?

Lots of stuff, actually...


Part time, executive addition to your leadership team

I provide a market-based perspective to fine tune strategy and manage implementation that drive growth, interacting with other VPs and leaders on your team from Product, Sales, Success, Service etc. for 100% alignment.


Marketing & Growth model

Works with Sales, Finance and CEO to develop the company's marketing model, KPIs, metrics and plan. This model is your blueprint for execution and measurement, as well as reporting to your board of directors.


Brand voice and personality

I help you develop, and most importantly implement an authentic brand voice that's translated into your content, PR and IR activities. From logo to social posts to press pitches - your brand is creating buzz.


Project management - I get my hands dirty...

I am a career exec, not just a consultant. Our relationship doesn't end with the recommendation, but with seeing it through to completion and results. I work with the marketing team on implementation plans and programs that align with the growth goals we set when building the marketing model.


Talent acquisition and management

I build high performing teams. Teams that evolve as your business grows. It takes a seasoned exec to know what talent and resources you need for your goals. Plus, in the short term I bring my network of contractors and resources to help...


Tech & Processes

This is the age of automation and repeated processes. A high performing marketing org needs the right set of tools and platforms to operate. I make sure the marketing team doesn't get distracted with these tasks and set clear processes, responsibilities and accountability. 


Demand and revenue generation

This is the big one. A marketing team without clear goals and direction could spend months distracted with everything but demand generation. I make sure the team is focused and has a clear plan to implement.

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