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as-a-Service Managed Inside Sales & Sales Development for your growth goals and budget. 

Good Inside Sales reps are hard to find. The typical rep will take ~6 months to hire train and onboard, and will stay with a company ~15 months before seeking an account exec role, moving on to a competitive company, or being dismissed for under performance.  


We take on the burden of recruiting, hiring, training and managing inside sales teams on behalf of our clients. 

Scale your inside sales team up, quickly.
Launching a complete inside sales program with us takes 30 days or less. Developing and scaling your team could cost you months of opportunity costs and headaches. Efficiently expand your team within days as needed to meet the requirements of your growing initiatives without worrying about operational, recruiting, or facility needs.


Happy with your team? After an appropriate engagement term - go ahead and hire them. We will help with the transition.


Break into New Markets
We work alongside your existing resources to help you scale your business.
Let your existing internal team keep up the great work they are doing without disturbance. Try and test new market development with your REDHOT managed team to build a robust sales database for new markets, and uncover the qualified leads that will drive your company’s growth.

Pivot for success immediately and without headaches
Swiftly make adjustments to your sales strategy, and trust your managed team to test and evaluate approaches to meet your metrics and goals. Launch sales blitzs, competitive displacement campaigns or other time based sales initiatives, with scale and without disturbing your internal sales and sales development operation.




Our sales teams are not distracted by company internal culture, politics or events. They have only one goal in mind: Create Hot Opportunities.

Domain Expertise

We hire reps from a wide range of industries, and their experience working with our customers expands their experience and knowledge of specifics domains.

Methodology & Toolkits

Our reps are trained in our proprietary prospecting methodology, and are deploying our tried and tested tools to initiate response and engagements

Technology & Automation

You name it, we got it. our reps are empowered and enabled by the data, insights, process, speed and ease of the technology and automation tools they use to engage and record their activities.

People & Conversation Skills

Data, Insights and a great value prop are not enough to create engagements. Our reps are skilled at developing meaningful conversation and trust that result in business opportunities.

Focus on the End Goal

We own the outcome: red-hot opportunities for our clients. BANT, AIDA, CHAMP... We use a combination of qualification criteria to make sure handed over opportunities are 100% qualified.

as-a service 

as a service economics

Low-Risk Sales Development

No costly recruitment mistakes.

Full sales development skill set.

No lock in.

Scalable, on-demand.

Cloud based technology.

No real-estate.


Human interaction is the most effective form of engagement.

REDHOT's as-a-Service methodology offers companies on-demand outbound calling teams specializing in all stages of the sales process, and the customer's lifecycle.



Have Questions? Let's Talk.

We should talk.
With a brief call we'll assess your current status, understand your challenges, and determine
if we're 
a good fit to help you reach your goals.
Whether we're the right solution for you or not,
we're sure you will find the conversation valuable. 

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