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Lifestyle Media Publisher Case Study


decrease in cost per qualified lead


sales meetings scheduled within 4 weeks


increase in marketing conversion

Our client - a leading lifestyle media publisher - relies on its content to attract potential consumers to order from its website, mobile app, and other hosted digital channels. With corporate brand sponsorship numbers dropping, we helped our client re-think how they should target brands, communicate its value prop and convert leads to sponsorship sales.


With re-marketing, we were able to identify and target potential sponsors who had visited its website but had not been activated, and re-engage them using specific creatives and calls-to-action in streaming online video ads that appeared on YouTube.


REDHOT's digital marketing team tested multiple variations of its ad creative on YouTube to determine which videos returned the best view through rates, click-through rates, and most importantly, conversions. T


he ability to track and measure so many campaign elements in near real time was incredibly valuable to the team, who could make changes quickly as needed.

A critical element in the campaign was REDHOT's sales development team who followed up on inbound marketing engagements through in-person calls and emails and were able to convert leads into sponsorships or set up meetings for more senior sales reps to work on.

The four weeks initiative after launch was instrumental in helping our client re-think and re-deploy their prospecting efforts to match current buyers needs and preferences.

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