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When marketing and sales organizations operate in silos and are not in agreement on common target, goals and shared initiatives, it can signal devastating consequences to the entire organization.


Unless these efforts are aligned, both groups will struggle to reach their targets and the company is unlikely to achieve customer experience, acquisition and revenue goals.


REDHOT's integrated technology and best practice processes helps support as-a-service sales and marketing programs by setting a framework that is shared and supported by both functions, and by connecting the contextual data from a customer’s online interactions to the routing/scripting and sales conversion process. We then reroute the updated sales data back to the digital marketing support team to improve on campaign, outreach and communication optimization.


Inbound marketing comes into play at different points of the marketing and sales funnel creation and are designed to inform, engage and attract potential buyers to your content and website.

In the age of automation, hire only the most core roles for your internal team, and then outsource the skills for designing, executing, nurturing, and qualifying your demand engine - at scale.

REDHOT tailored a digital engagement program to support
the qualification and sales development calls.


Our overall call engagement metrics increased by 17%, and the qualification quality increased by 30%. We are happy with the program and results. "

Senior Director, Demand Generation



REDHOT'S lead generation and lead qualification solutions use the power
of data, contact insights, automation and relevant content to engage with prospects through personalized 1:1 communications that quickly
moves them to the next step of active sales conversations.


Our best-practice methodology maps key messages and touch points
to guide buyers through the rational and emotional checkpoints of the
decision-making process.

Lead Generation

We produce, manage, deploy, measure and monitor inbound marketing campaigns for maximum impact -- so you can spend more time focused on strategy, planning, and alignment.


From search through paid ads to emails to webinars, we take care of content, creative, enablement, automation,
data and engagements -- resulting in high quality leads that convert to hot opportunities.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our team of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) experts examine how users engage with your web site and digital platforms to determine possible friction points, and fix them via split testing.


By implementing industry best practices, we can get more people through the conversion funnel.

Lead Qualification
& Nurturing

Our clients engage us to qualify and nurture the growing volume of inbound leads, so that their internal teams could focus on what they do best: selling.


Combining personalized digital engagements, tele-qualification, relationship building methodologies and persistence -- our reps manufacture meaningful conversations that create opportunities with a high probability
of close.

Event Attendance
& Follow Up

Whether running a regional event and need to feel the sits with qualified potential buyers, or need to sort through hundreds
of contacts after an industry event -- we help make sure your field marketing is demonstrating a great return on its investments.


Our data specialists and tele-qualification teams make sense of the data and executes programs aimed at qualifying and engaging contacts. Let your internal teams focus on selling, we will take care of the Sisyphic work.

Persona Driven Engagement, Lead Scoring and Qualification


We help you design content, experiences and engagements for the people who are most likely purchasing from you. Together, we decide what are the best digital distribution channels for optimized visibility and conversion.

Lead scoring is at the root of many core marketing and sales activities and functions. It is also at the core of most disagreements and misalignment. An effective scoring model is key to your demand generation success. Our team will help you create an effective, repeatable framework that identifies the criteria, funnel stage and maturity level at which a lead is qualified and should be passed on to sales, making sure attribution is recorded at every step along the way.

Digital Advertising, Search and Social

We help our clients leverage the digital advertising and social landscape by providing integrated solutions and also deliver independent, specialized services across paid and organic search, programmatic buying, affiliate marketing and social amplification.

With an approach that’s as personalized as it is complete, our team will create content, images and video to deliver your message while distributing a consistent and unique brand experience across a variety of digital platforms, search and social networks.

Re-marketing and Re-targeting

Our analytical and highly personalized approach to retargeting leads to increased conversions and reduced costs is executed as we analyze the pool of potential customers, segment the users, and target the most valuable ones with intelligent and highly personalized messaging.

Retargeting helps with encouraging multiple visits to your web site, digital platforms, or to support sales outreach efforts with triggered opportunities to engage.

We were able to accelerate Marketing contribution to pipeline in a way that exceeded expectations.
Excellent partnership with REDHOT and great marketing ROI. "

Director, Digital Marketing




Lead generation programs can help increase web site conversion by 56%.


REDHOT clients are seeing a minimum of 32% reduction in cost per qualified lead.


Growth driven digital engagements design can decrease time to revenue by more than 50%.


from data to experiences to profitable relationships

Engaging Content

Educate and inform your potential buyers with industry and role specific, solutions-based, content that will
help them with their daily challenges. Engage thought leaders and industry influencers to promote your content
on their platform.


Think of inbound marketing as the digital hub of your lead generation efforts, interacting seamlessly with your website, analytics, CRM, Social, databased, marketing automation and other technologies to help you grow and manage demand. 

Lifecycle Marketing

Create experiences, content and engagements that are relevant to your target buyers at different stages of their lifecycle. Existing customers experiences should be different than a first time blog subscriber's. We make it relevant.


We create multi-channel experiences
so that you could interacts with your potential buyers where they feel
most comfortable. We tailor the experience for various types of
medias and mediums.


As your contacts engage with you
over time, you can use data about
their preferences and personal characteristics to make their experiences more personalized.

Alignment with Sales

Done right, your inbound marketing leads will give your sales force a substantial starting point to opportunity creation. The valuable account and contact data gathered in the process
will help design future customer experiences that foster loyalty and sales.

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