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B2B startups are often product and development centered, lean on marketing and sales. 


That's why many  turn to us to quickly develop sales competencies and go to market to develop market share and build a customer base.


We help by creating the structure for approaching potential investors, distributors, partners and buyers, through tele-prospecting, engagement campaigns, digital marketing programs and social engagement frameworks that develop healthy pipelines.

Appointment Setting

Get in front of potential investors or distributor that can help you grow your business or secure funding. We carefully develop a list of targets based on their interest in your product.

Demand Generation

We produce, manage, deploy, measure and monitor digital marketing campaigns for maximum impact—so you can spend more time focused on strategy, product, and serving your customers. from ads to emails to webinars, we design and execute campaigns for you, at scale.

Inside Sales

Outsource inside sales to us initially to save on costs. Our discipline based approach will generate more results than your startup culture. When ready, we will transition the operation to you, people, processes and all. Contact us to learn more about this unique capability.

Market Research & Validation

Need to execute on market research, interview existing customers, pick industry leaders' brains', collect competitive data, or reach out to potential partners, investors or distributors? We execute on market outreach programs on behalf of our clients that yield insights, new relationships and intelligence. Just let us know your goals, we will provide the final report.

List & Target Accounts Development

Focus on early adopters and accounts most likely to buy. We help with creation of targeted lists, list criteria and development, importing, exporting, analyzing and updating. You name it. We do it for you.


Check out the array of sales development and marketing we offer, as a service. The economics make sense. It's more cost effective for a startup looking to build market share to outsource the Sisyphean tasks and work.

as-a-Service Economics

Sales Development as-aService (SDaaS) offers depth, process, discipline and impact that may not be easily achieved with an inside sales team.


In product development, focus is key.

You outsource sections of your product development functions to speed up your process and reduce costs, thus maintaining core competency within the company.


REDHOT as-a-Service, offers elasticity in the sales process, accelerating generation of leads and opportunities when you need them most, with great efficiency. You focus on what you do best, we make sure sales are producing the deals.


No. We don't take over your entire sales operation.


We manage the Sisyphean segments of the sales process: Demand Generation and Inside Sales. The idea is to keep your best sales people in the company, focusing on closing deals, while we develop the marketing and sales development and qualification competencies for you. 


By eliminating the need to recruit a full in house team, you save on operational costs. We employ highly skilled professionals to seamlessly represent your company. See them as an extension of your team. 


When you're ready - we will help you build an inside sales team and handover the toolkits we have created for you. 


Sales & Marketing as-a-service is at the vanguard of today’s sales strategies, and there is no other business that can benefit from it than your B2B startup.


Outsourcing allows you to engage with potential customers immediately and cost effectively.

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