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from lead to revenue

Direct Sales solutions fuel the entire sales process from initial contact to closed deal. REDHOT's seamless approach delivers expert sales insights and support across the full buyer experience, lowering costs and providing clear accountability for revenue results.

This is no longer just outbound calling. 
as-a-service direct sales is about a framework of meaningful interactions, 
built on a solid foundation of true customer intelligence, informed sales reps and measurable metrics that lead to closed deals.

REDHOT understood our unique business and goals, and provided
a unique approach to meeting them. Not only did they drive new customers and increased our sponsorship clients base, but they also helped move our prospects more quickly to closed revenue.

Chief Revenue Officer

Land and expand high value accounts


Our Direct Sales solutions are designed to bring you opportunities at
high probability of close (usually at 75%), or deals closed by our sales professionals. We will create the sales strategy, targeting, marketing approach
and sales development approach for the engagement, and will leverage
your content, product expertise and guidance to bring an account to sales opportunity or deal maturity.

Full Cycle Customer Acquisition

After deciding on a specific segment, type of potential customer or territory, REDHOT will facilitate sales initiatives from start to end, aimed at closing deals or creating an opportunity at 75% probability of close.


Includes: Minimum 1-2 sales development reps and 1 sales professional, Lead generation programs, marketing communications and nurturing, sales development and
prospecting, sales management
and opportunity creation, demonstration of products, negotiations and close of deal.

Account-Based Prospecting & Sales

Designed to advance immature opportunities already existing in your pipeline, this solution progresses sales-ready opportunities into buying customers. From accurate data, through sales-nurturing, to sales-ready opportunities, we keep qualified leads engaged and moving towards making a purchase.


Includes: minimum 1 sales development rep and 1 sales professional, Marketing communications programs, sales enablement, sales prospecting, sales management and opportunity management, demonstration of products, negotiations and close
of deal.

Inside Sales / Sales Development

Convert leads to opportunities, fast!
This solution leverages our extensive inside sales platform to warm up, nurture and convert leads into viable opportunities. Our goal is to hand over back to you opportunities at a minimum of 35% probability of close.

Includes: minimum of 1-2 sales development reps, Marketing communications programs, marketing experiences, sales enablement, sales prospecting, data management, reporting.

Account Management / Service Sales

70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. Every interaction you have with a customer is an opportunity to impact future profitability. This solution increases service sales by providing support, incentives and up-sell and cross-sell initiatives into your existing customer base. Working as an integrated extension of your brand, we build trust with customers through scalable, personalized contact, enabling fruitful relationships year after year and turning support systems into profit streams.


Includes: minimum of 1-2 sales service and development reps, Marketing communications programs, marketing experiences, sales enablement, sales prospecting, data management, reporting.

REDHOT helped to significantly increase the size and value of our pipeline. We are no longer cautious about outsourcing parts of our sales and marketing initiatives. "

VP, Sales

Land and expand high value accounts


Sales as a service provides with a cost effective, flexible and scalable 
dedicated sales force, while eliminating the work of recruiting an in-house staff. Whether you’re in need of a full-time or a part-time sales team, outsourcing
your sales needs augments your internal team with experienced, trained
and vetted sales professionals, and provides instant scale into new markets, segments, and geographies.



of sales reps take 10 months or longer to contribute to company goals

REDHOT's proven expertise
in sales team deployment allows
us to rapidly train
and onboard a professional, high-quality sales force that makes immediate impact with to your revenue and growth goals. 


greater growth rate for inside sales


We evaluate accounts to determine the right type and amount of support needed, so you can maximize your outside sales investments. Focus on expert selling, we will bring the opportunities to you.


of opportunities go to the vendor that responds first


REDHOT delivers targeted messaging to buyers early in their decision process so your brand stays top of mind and your the first to know when a prospect is ready to engage.

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With a brief call we'll assess your current status,understand your challenges, and determine if we're a good fit to help you reach your goals.
Whether we're the right solution for you or not,
we're sure you will find the conversation valuable. 

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