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Building buyer profiles and audience lists 
for optimal targeted engagements. 

REDHOT's inbound marketing and outbound prospecting solutions are backed by an unmatched, industry specific, database of companies, contacts, and industry trends and stats -- all used to design buyer journeys and enhance prospecting profiles for optimal digital experiences and prospecting engagements .

We help our clients:

Enhance existing records with REDHOT's insights and data

Identify relevant industries and domains to prospect into

Identify and target new relevant contacts

Validate and verify target lists and accounts

15 Million Companies
Business and market intelligence on over 15 million companies globally.

60 Million Contacts
An up-to-date, global listing of Users, Influencers and Decision Makers of B2B products, refreshed every 90 days.

Proprietary IT Product and Occupation Taxonomy
REDHOT's very own data classification of products, skills, and roles derives meaning from the chaos of big data.

Top to Bottom Funnel Engagement
Whether it is to find data, nurture contacts, or put data to work for you, provide the expertise and skills needed at any point in the B2B sales and marketing funnel, from top to bottom.

Build an audience, close the deal 

Data targeted initiatives

REDHOT's database and data sources help uncover high-value prospects with an informed view of your target universe from demographics to predictive behavior.

Data that fuels engagement

We help collect and transform your data into actionable intelligence so you can target with precision and focus your content, communications and campaign efforts for maximized returns.

Data to accelerate deals

We help our client by creating customized account and contact reports that support an informed conversation with a prospect. Our reports are extensive and include data points, analysis and insights on key company KPIs, industry trends, SWOT, contacts data and intelligence, actionable talking points and mu .

Schedule a Discovery Call

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a good fit to help you reach your goals.
Whether we're the right solution for you or not,
we're sure you will find the conversation valuable. 

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