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Technology & SaaS 

REDHOT helps technology and high-tech companies navigate through the technology buyer ecosystem and dynamics. With proven success across the gamut of the industry, we are uniquely qualified to help sellers of hardware, software, SaaS solutions and services, generate quality sales and marketing pipelines and accelerate sales cycles. From engineers to the C suite, we help you target buyers, influencers and champions in your targeted accounts.

Startups & VC Backed Companies 

REDHOT helps you focus your spending on product development, optimizing investments. With a ‘capture market-share quickly’ state of mind – we provide sales and marketing outsourced solutions so you could go to market with everything you need, without increasing headcount.

Financial Services 

With deep understanding of the financial services terms, government regulations, and competitive eco-system, we have a proven track record of successful targeted marketing campaigns and prospecting initiatives.

Security & Cybersecurity 

REDHOT specializes in developing and executing on prospecting initiatives targeting CISOs and the security teams in businesses of various sizes, as well as hosting, service and SaaS providers. With great market momentum, competitive displacement initiatives and other sales campaigns can help maintain market share, or capture a foothold in an account.


We developed a winning methodology for running campaigns from member acquisition through fundraising events attendance registration, to social targeting and activation. We carefully craft desired members and potential donor persona and launch targeted campaigns to achieve desired results.

Healthcare & Pharma 

We understand the unique and complex purchasing environments in healthcare organizations. Understanding healthcare buyers’ personas and drivers are key to successful prospecting and brand visibility advancement. Whether healthcare, healthcare IT or healthcare support and operations, REDHOT has sales development specialists with specific experience to scale your operations and increase sales volumes.

Manufacturing & Distribution 

REDHOT has the knowhow you need to find and engage with buyers, and create valuable distribution efficiencies. Our sales and marketing experts can help optimize investments, resources and focus so you could focus on plant operations, distribution, and product development.

Flexible Solutions for Your Industry 

For years we have managed successful initiatives in a wide variety of industries for companies looking to scale their sales and marketing operations. We have the expertise necessary to apply our specialized knowledge to any area of your business. Let us develop a customized set of solutions that will solve your unique challenges and exceed your expectations.

Agencies & Digital Marketing Services 

Most marketing agency owners are stuck running their agency and don’t ever have time to develop their own demand generating systems to continue to grow their business. As a result, their business grows very slowly – income is unreliable and inconsistent. Engagements in this category vary from outsourced agency inside sales teams, to qualifying leads for clients' customers. As peers and service providers to companies in this category, we have a deep understanding of their value proposition and business model and can supplement or augment sales and marketing resources or projects as needed.

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