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Inbound marketing tools come into play at different points of the marketing and sales funnel creation and are designed to inform, engage and attract potential buyers to your content and website. 


In the age of automation, hire only the most core roles for your internal team, and then outsource the skills for designing, executing, nurturing, and qualifying your demand engine - at scale.


Making Sure Your Website is Optimized for Lead Generation

We focus the the effectiveness of an your website--ensuring the site has high conversation rates for navigation-connected pages and non-navigation landing pages.


Persona-Driven Content and Engagement Journey Design

We help you design content, experiences and engagements for the people who will end up purchasing from you. We decide together what are the best digital distribution channels for optimized visibility and conversion.


Digital Distribution and Engagement

From paid display ads, through social posts, blogging and content on referral sites, your target audience is invited to engage with your landing pages, and brand.


Nurturing, Qualification & Scoring

Once you've captured your target buyer's info and preferences, we design engagements and journeys aimed at enhancing the digital relationship with your brand and qualifying the lead. Every interaction affects the contact's lead score.


Qualified Lead Handover

Your inbound campaign has resulted in a qualified lead ready to be handed to your sales force. Check out our Sales Development / Inside Sales services.


Reporting & Attribution

We provide visibility to performance results and analytics every step of the way so that you could evaluate the inbound initiatives and make smart decisions about moving forward.

We produce, manage, deploy, measure and monitor inbound marketing campaigns for maximum impact—so you can spend more time focused on strategy, planning, and alignment. from ads to emails to webinars, we take care of content, creative, enablement, automation, data, and engagements -- resulting in high quality leads that convert to hot opportunities.

Inbount Demand Generation

Our client engage us to qualify and nurture the growing volume of inbound leads, so that their internal teams could focus on what they do best: selling. Combining personalized digital engagements, tele-qualification, relationship building methodologies and persistence -- our reps manufacture meaningful conversations that create opportunities with a high probability of close.

Lead Qualification
& Nurturing

Whether running a regional event and need to feel the sits with qualified potential buyers, or need to sort through hundreds of contacts after an industry event -- we help make sure your field marketing is demonstrating a great return on its investments. Our data specialists and tele-qualification teams make sense of the data and executes programs aimed at qualifying and engaging contacts. Let your internal teams focus on selling, we will take care of the Sisyphic work.

Events Attendance
& Follow-Up

Channel Partner
Lead Generation

Your channel can be a business breaker or maker - success directly correlates to your ability to extend market reach, achieve higher revenue and accelerate business growth. We design and execute best-in-class co-branded channel partner lead generation programs, qualify leads, measure ROI and create a detailed roadmap to increasing sales goals from this important channel.

Need to execute on market research, interview existing customers, pick industry leaders' brains', collect competitive data, or reach out to potential partners, investors or distributors? We execute on market outreach programs on behalf of our clients that yield insights, new relationships and intelligence. Just let us know your goals, we will provide the final report.

Market Research
& Validation



Campaign planning

Content creation

Creative & design

email engine



List development

Persona development

On-line surveys

Target data validation



Data management


Paid ad campaigns


Account mapping

Landing pages

Appointment setting

Contacts interviews


This is what we hear from our clients:

  • High volumes of inbound leads, impossible to follow up on time.

  • Inconsistent lead qualification criteria.

  • Duplicate leads.

  • Inaccurate/missing data in CRM.

  • No accurate visibility into calling queues.

  • Too many rejected leads.

  • Not enough enablement.

  • Inside-sales reps distracted with admin tasks. 

  • Missing quarterly targets.

  • No alignment.

The REDHOT formula for consistent opportunity generation

Opportunity handover

With REDHOT doing the heavy lifting no untapped opportunity will ever slip by. We handover 100% qualified opportunities and provide visibility to reports and key performance data every step of the way, such as:


Net new names, accounts and contacts by funnel stage, qualified leads, lead queue status over time, opportunities created/won/lost, funnel stage entry/exit over time.


Leads acquisition, leads to opportunities ratios, opportunities to closed won/lost.


Average time stage-to-stage:
suspects, leads, qualified leads, calling queue metrics.


Leading Indicators

Database growth metrics, sentiments, competitive qualitative insights, account mapping status vs. ideal profile.


Contribution to opportunity pipeline, contribution to forecasted revenue, contribution to closed revenue.

Campaign Performance

By leads, opportunities, ROI.

REDHOT tailored a digital engagement program to support the qualification and sales development calls.
Our call engagement metrics increased by 17%, and the qualification quality increased by 30%. Overall, great program & results. "

Senior Director, Demand Generation, SaaS Company

We were able to accelerate Marketing contribution
to pipeline in a way that exceeded expectations.
Excellent partnership with REDHOT and great
marketing ROI. "

Director, Global Marketing, Technology Company

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