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Cloud Case Study


increase in marketing qualified leads quality


sales meetings scheduled within 5 weeks


increase in sales from sales development

A Cloud Hosting Services provider inbound marketing leads weren’t converting as much as expected. We helped our client upgrade the performance of inbound marketing campaigns, resulting in a sharp leads-to-opportunity conversion and revenues from sales development outreach.


Our client, an established cloud hosting services company, was concerned about the effectiveness of its marketing investments, as inside sales reps were complaining they were waiting time following up on marketing leads .


Effective demand generation is more than just finding the right leads; it’s also about delivering an experience that is meaningful to potential customers, so that sales outreach will be effective.

The client needed help, fast. Our goals was to quickly have sales and marketing agree on qualification criteria, evaluate what's wrong with the inbound marketing campaigns already in play, design/update campaigns, and create new enablement tools for the inside sales team to follow up on marketing leads.


Analysis of the customer experience showed that due to the reduced amount of information contained in the inbound marketing ads, customers needed a more educational experience during the live call.

We recommended changing the marketing content to include more educational messages, and designed five new digital and email campaigns designed to help potential buyers through the research phase.

Sales enablement was key. On top of educating the inside sales reps on the new messaging, tools and content now available through the new campaigns, we created a set of prospecting emails, and a call for action to attend a virtual webinar on-demand. In addition, we helped our client design a new packaged offer to be promoted during the in-person engagement and follow ups.

The changes to approach, quality of content and enablement of the sale force paid off. The initiative quickly gained momentum with a few inside sales reps attributing their high performance quarter to the success of this campaign.

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