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experiential recruiting singles out top performers



71% of companies take 6 months or longer to onboard new sales reps; and at a third of all companies it take 9 months or more. (CSO Insights 2016)


REDHOT bootcamp recruiting methodology identifies top performers right from the start. Ones that are less likely to give up due to pressure to meet numbers or the inevitable rejection that comes with the job.

We usually conduct bootcamps as an on-boarding and training program, but never considered it as an evaluation tool. REDHOT helped us see the value in experiential recruiting and manages our recruiting bootcamps on our behalf. 

HR Leader

performance, stamina, teamwork, character


Our proprietary methodology for experiential recruiting is process that designs the right profile for your new hires, identify potential recruits, executes initial screening and singles out the best of the bests after a 3 days bootcamp in which candidates learn and demonstrate their abilities to represent your brand and sell your products.

Experiential sales talent recruiting essentials are critical to
ensuring fit and top performance

The Right Profile

We start by designing and standardizing the ideal hire profile based on expected behaviors, personality traits, experience, and fit with company culture.

Profiles are used across the company and hiring is based on standards, not individual hiring manager instincts.

Faster Time to Hire

Experiential recruiting accelerates time to hire while assuring fit and future performance. Costs and resource use are also reduced because most of the evaluation is done based on group activities, allowing us to evaluate multiple candidates at the same time.

Real-Life Excercises

Bootcamp includes learning and practicing a pitch, presenting your products, demonstrating effective prospecting and communications,
and designing an account-based
sales strategy -- all based on real prospects. Candidates conclude bootcamp with a deep initial understanding and knowledge of
your customers and company.

Group Fit

Candidates are evaluated not only by their individual performance and abilities, but also on how they perform against others, and with others. We focus on group fit so that your team, not just the individual sales rep will be a fit.

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