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Personalized, Account-Based Prospecting:
Focus Efforts on the Large Deals. 

REDHOT designed and implements a proprietary account-based prospecting methodology that starts with a sales/revenue goal in mind and proceeds to launch personalized programs designed to penetrate the account decision eco-system and develop relationships that result in closed deals. We offer an ultra-productive strategy for B2B companies with complex sales that combines marketing and sales development disciplines for optimal results.

Patience wins the game 


Most internal account-based initiatives fail within 3 months of launch. B2B companies burn a ton of their marketing dollars investing too broadly and internal pressures and metrics lead to programs premature program cancellations. Account-based marketing is not enough when the program is not supported by the sales functions; and cold sales prospecting is difficult without marketing air cover.

REDHOT's managed account-based prospecting programs eliminate frustration and misunderstanding. We will work with you to define exactly when to expect results and to calculate the forecasted revenue generated through the program. You can rely on our expert resources and sales development specialists to work together with your sales teams every step of the way, and take charge of the automated processes. We do the work, you close the deal.


We usually recommend easing into account-based prospecting by starting with a small select number of accounts. Because content is such an important variable, we will refine the programs perpetually based on the results produced and test different messages, mediums, and other tactics. the result will be a sustainable, repeatable program you could train your internal teams to execute on in the future.

Schedule a Discovery Call

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With a brief call we'll assess your current status, understand your challenges, and determine if we're a good fit to help you reach your goals.Whether we're the right solution for you or not,we're sure you will find the conversation valuable. 

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